Underwater Adventures: shipwrecks and stone forest | Sozopolis | Luxurious property for sale, Sozopol, Bulgaria


Sozopolis | Luxurious property for sale
Sozopolis | Luxurious property for sale
Sozopolis | Luxurious property for sale
Sozopolis | Luxurious property for sale
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Underwater Adventures: shipwrecks and stone forest

Rodina ship

If you are attracted to underwater depths and want to reach harmony and tranquility underwater, in Sozopol you will meet people ready to reveal the secrets of the sea for you.
Diving is a hobby or profession to many people in Sozopol. Under the waters in Sozopol stories are no less exciting than the story of the town. Under the sea near Sozopol lies RODINA ship – one of the nine pre-war cargo ships, ownership of the Bulgarian Marine Shipping Company, produced by Vulkan - Werke A.G.  The ship was launched on water in 1922 and has a displacement of  - 4159 brt.
On September 19th 1941 RODINA sailed loaded with grain from Istanbul to Varna, guarded by two Bulgarian minelayers. In the area of Sozopol, opposite Kolokita cape /where nowadays Sozopolis is built/, the ship encountered simultaneously two mines and sank. The guarding ships saved 37 people. Today, the ship lies well preserved, at an average depth of about 35-39 meters bent under angle of 45º. Its height from the bottom is 14 meters. The bow anchors are still there. There is an easy access to the super-structure and the holds. Coordinates are 42°24.'N 27°46.'E.

Mopang ship

In the deep of the Black Sea, at a distance of 5 кm North of Sozopol also lies MOPANG – American cargo ship of the Liberty ships type. The ship was constructed by Submarine Boat / Ship-building company in New Jersey, owned by Electric Boat Company /and later - General Dynamics /. It was launched on January 20th in 1920 with displacement 3545 brt. MOPANG had an engine of 1500 horse powers.It lies well preserved on its right board at a depth 24-32 meters. Its height from the bottom is 7 meters. Clearly distinct are the superstructures, parts of the stack and the upper deck. There is a free access to the hubs and parts of the cabins. Part of the load – heap of shoes, chests with spare parts and other, are visible in the hubs. At its place is also the screw of a diameter of three meters and the stern winch. Along the body slides the anchor chain, sinking in the sludge on the bottom. Coordinates are 42°28.' N 27°41.'Е

Sub-aquatic stone forest

Sub-aquatic stone forest Sozopol

Are you familiar with immersion? This term gives the most logical explanation for the presence of a sub-aquatic stone forest along the sea bed near Sozopol. Presently many are searching the truth for the formation of an attractive and unique underwater stone formation, but secrets are many, which makes excitement in diving into history still greater.